Garland Junior College

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Garland Junior College
Garland Junior College, Boston, MA - DSC00232.JPG
Type Private women's junior college
Established 1872
Location Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Affiliations Simmons College

Garland Junior College (1872-1976) was a liberal arts women's college in Boston, Massachusetts. Mary Garland established the Garland Kindergarten Training School in 1872 on Chestnut Street in Boston's Beacon Hill. By 1903, the school had expanded its curriculum to include home economics, and was renamed the Garland School of Homemaking. It was authorized as a junior college in 1948, and subsequently granted the AS degree as Garland Junior College. Studies in the visual arts became the AA program, and curriculum included illustration, fine art painting, graphic design, and jewelry design. Marc Brown, author of the "Arthur" children's book series, taught illustration at Garland during the 70s.

Advertisement for the Garland School, 1921

In March 1976, economic shifts resulted in a vote by the Board of Trustees to transfer the Garland Junior College name, physical facilities, and certain other assets to Simmons College. Garland Junior College graduated its last class of 98 students in May 1976.

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