Garland SF-03

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Garland SF-03
Garland SF-03/G
Category Cyber Formula
Constructor Sugo
Designer(s) Claire Fortran
Technical specifications
Chassis S.C.F.R.P
Length 4,722 mm
Width 2,401 mm
Height 933.4 mm (without stabilizer)
Engine SF-03: Sugo SV-7 cyber cycle hydrogen 4,494 cc V12 with twin boost pods, mid-mounted
SF-03/G: GIO V Spec-01 (Spec-02) cyber cycle hydrogen 4,497 cc V12 with twin boost pods, mid-mounted
Transmission 6 forward speeds + 1 reverse
Weight 455 kg (SF-03)
452 kg (SF-03/G)
Competition history
Notable entrants Sugo Grand Prix (Sugo GIO Grand Prix)
Notable drivers Henri Claytor, Hayato Kazami, Osamu Sugo (test driver), Edelhi Bootsvorz
Debut 2020 American Grand Prix
Races Wins Poles F.Laps
35 0 - -

The Garland SF-03 (ガーランド SF-03) is a fictional race car in the anime series Future GPX Cyber Formula.


Following the dismal failure of the Garland SF-02 in 2019, Claire Fortran further refined her design into the superb Garland SF-03. In a surprising move it saw former World Champion Hayato Kazami at the wheel in addition to Henri Claytor. Hopes ran high among the team with their new design, but these hopes were quickly dashed when Aoi ZIP Formula unveiled the new Al-Zard NP-1 and its rookie driver Phil Fritz which shattered all records in the first round denying the Garland any hope of victory for the rest of the season. This performance gap lead Kazami to abandon the design and use the new ν-Asurada AKF-0 instead to pursue his title shot. The best finish for the SF-03 came early in the year in Canada where it finished 3rd (later 2nd following Aoi's disqualification that year).

The following year Sugo struggled to keep pace with the ever spiraling costs in the sport and performance suffered, only the driving talent of Kazami secured the team another World Championship. The SF-02 never managed to place on the podium and plans were in the works to scrap the SF-03. A deal with engine supplier GIO gave new life to the design and all efforts focused on mating the new engine seamlessly to the existing chassis. As a result the SF-03/G despite gaining weight, showed a tremendous increase in engine power which translated directly into more points. The new SF-03/G managed a 2nd place finish in Argentina and scored 5 more points than the previous year. Even it is less superior with partner v-Asurada AKF-0/G, it did not have any reliability issues in transmissions like Asurada had as using a different engine sepcifications.

Hopes are high in 2023 with the newcomer to the team veteran driver Edelhi Bootsvorz at the wheel of the new SF-03/G. The new model shaves off some weight and improves overall aerodynamic efficiency compared to the previous year.


Like the previous versions, the SF-03 is a six-wheeled, monocoque design with no variable chassis system. The Garland has always emphasized simplicity and reliability along with ease of use. Compared to other machines, the Garland is a relatively easy machine to drive. While basically the same dimensions as its predecessors, the aero package has been completely redone with a dramatic improvement in down force for a small drag penalty.