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Garlic butter

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Garlic butter
Kronfleisch (skirt steak), a traditional Bavarian dish often served with onion rings, rye bread, composed butter (with herbs and garlic) and horseradish
Alternative namesBeurre à la bourguignonne
TypeCompound butter
Main ingredientsGarlic, butter

Garlic butter, also known as beurre à la bourguignonne, is a compound butter used as a flavoring for many dishes or as a condiment.[1] It is composed of butter and garlic mixed into a paste. The ingredients are blended and typically chilled before use.

Dipping sauce[edit]

In the United States, garlic butter in small cups is sometimes served with seafood (such as lobster), pizza, or breadsticks as a dip. To prolong shelf life, the dip may use clarified butter or flavored oils.

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