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Garmugia, also referred to as gramugia,[1] is a soup in Italian cuisine that originated in Lucca, Tuscany, central Italy.[2][3] The soup's use in the cuisine of Lucca dates back to the 17th century.[2][4] Garmugia has been described as "a hearty soup"[5] that is "unknown outside of the province"[2] in Italy.


Primary ingredients include chicken or vegetable stock or broth, asparagus, artichoke hearts, fava beans, peas, onion and meats, such as pancetta and veal.[2][3] Carrot, celery and beet leaves may also be used.[2][6] The pancetta and veal may be used in relatively small portions, to add flavor to the soup.[2] Some versions may be prepared using lean ground beef,[3][6] beefsteak[7] or sausage,[8] and some may include cheese such as Parmesan or Pecorino.[7] Seasonings may include salt and pepper.[2] It may be served poured atop toasted bread[2][3] or croutons.[7]


Garmugia may be prepared seasonally, when its primary vegetable ingredients are harvested in the spring.[2] The soup may be cooked in an earthenware vessel.[3] Total cooking times can vary between approximately 30 minutes[2][3] to over 2 hours.[6]

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