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Garnet cut.JPG
The name Garnet takes its name from the gemstone garnet.
Gender unisex
Word/name Old English
Meaning "garnet"

Garnet is a name of Middle English origin, derived from the dark red gemstone, which was in turn named for the pomegranate that the garnet crystals resemble.[1] The surname Garnett comes from an Old English occupational surname referring to a seller of hinges.[2] It is both a surname and a given name.

The name came into occasional use along with other gem names during the late Victorian era. Garnet was among the top 1,000 names for girls in the United States between 1884 and 1944. It was most popular in 1911, when it was the 376th most popular given name for American girls.[3] It was in occasional use for boys in the United States between 1882 and 1925. It was most popular in 1904, when it was 593rd most popular name for American boys.[3] The name has not appeared among the top 1,000 names for boys or girls since 1944 in the United States.

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