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Garo: The Animation
Honoo no Kokuin.jpg
Genre Action, Fantasy
Anime television series
Garo -Honō no Kokuin-
Directed by Yūichirō Hayashi
Written by Yasuko Kobayashi
Music by MONACA
Studio MAPPA
Licensed by
Original network TV Tokyo (TXN), Star Channel, Family Gekijo
Original run October 3, 2014March 27, 2015
Episodes 24 + OVA (List of episodes)
Anime television series
Garo -Guren no Tsuki-
Directed by Atsushi Wakabayashi
Written by Shō Aikawa
Music by MONACA
Studio MAPPA
Licensed by
Original network TV Tokyo (TXN), Star Channel, Family Gekijo
Original run October 9, 2015April 1, 2016
Episodes 24 + OVA (List of episodes)
Anime film
Garo: Divine Flame
Directed by Yūichirō Hayashi
Written by Yasuko Kobayashi
Music by MONACA
Studio MAPPA
Released May 21, 2016
Runtime 78 minutes
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Garo: The Animation is a Japanese anime series based on the Garo tokusatsu drama. The anime is set in the distant past compared to the contemporary settings of the live action series. The first series, titled in Japan as Garo: The Carved Seal of Flames (Japanese: 牙狼〈GARO〉-炎の刻印-, Hepburn: GARO -Honō no Kokuin-), premiered in October 2014.[1][2] It was licensed for streaming in North America by Funimation.[3]

A second anime series titled Garo: Crimson Moon (Japanese: 牙狼〈GARO〉-紅蓮ノ月-, Hepburn: GARO -Guren no Tsuki-) premiered in October 2015. This second series, which had a premiere event at the 88th Comiket, features character designs from Masakazu Katsura.[4]

A film sequel of the first series titled Garo: Divine Flame (牙狼〈GARO〉-DIVINE FLAME-) premiered in Japan on May 21, 2016.[5][6] A third anime project was announced to be in production by Garo Project on November 23, 2016 for an unspecified future release.


Garo: The Animation[edit]

The first series is set in the fictitious Valiante Kingdom (ヴァリアンテ国, Variante-koku), which resembles Spain during the Spanish Inquisition. After the king, under the influence of his advisor Mendoza, launches a witch hunt that endangers both Makai Knights and Makai Alchemists, a Makai Alchemist named Anna is burned at the stake while giving birth to León Luis, who is spirited off by his Makai Knight father Germán Luis to be trained to inherit the title of Golden Knight Garo. Years later, after Valiante is now plagued with Horrors as Mendoza, revealed to be an excommunicated Makai Alchemist, uses them to assert his authority after usurping the throne, the king's son Prince Alfonso seeks out the assistance of Garo to reclaim the throne, but also trains as a Makai Knight to become Gaia the Knight of Defense. The fully grown León returns to the land of his birth at this time to avenge his mother. Both he and Alfonso meet and learn that they are in fact maternal cousins whose grandfather was the previous Garo. Though León was relieved of the Garo title after Mendoza's assumed death for misconduct, Alfonso contends with the surviving Horrors in his kingdom. After casting away his drive for revenge and deciding to become a protector instead, León reclaims his armor and title, and joins forces with his friends to search after Mendoza once it is confirmed that he is still alive.[7][8]

Garo: Crimson Moon[edit]

Crimson Moon is set in Japan during the Heian period, and features fictionalized versions of many Japanese historical figures. This time, Garo is a young Japanese man named Raikou who cannot properly summon the Garo armor himself, and instead relies on his companion, a female Makai Alchemist named Seimei, whose Makai magic allows him to become Garo to fight the Horrors infesting Heian-kyō. They are accompanied by a young boy named Kintoki who wishes to follow in Raikou's footsteps. Their journey pits them against the evil Ashiya Douman, a fallen Makai Alchemist who summons Horrors to do his bidding. They are later accompanied in their fight by Fujiwara no Yasusuke, who becomes the bearer of the armor of Zanga the Silver Knight.


Garo: The Animation[edit]

No. Title Writer Original airdate
1 "Hell Fire"
"Gōka -HELL FIRE-" (業火-HELL FIRE-) 
Yasuko Kobayashi October 3, 2014
2 "Divine Flame"
Yasuko Kobayashi October 10, 2014
3 "Zaruba"
"Keiyaku -ZARUBA-" (契約-ZARUBA-) 
Kiyoko Yoshimura October 17, 2014
4 "Bloodville"
Kōji Seko October 24, 2014
5 "Gaia"
"Kenjin -GAIA-" (堅陣-GAIA-) 
Kiyoko Yoshimura October 31, 2014
6 "Black Knight"
Shigeru Murakoshi November 7, 2014
7 "Sorrow Beast"
Sadayuki Murai November 14, 2014
8 "Full Monty"
"Zenra -FULL MONTY-" (全裸-FULL MONTY-) 
Shigeru Murakoshi November 21, 2014
9 "New Hope"
"Shitei -NEW HOPE-" (師弟-NEW HOPE-) 
Kiyoko Yoshimura November 28, 2014
10 "Fallen Blood"
Yasuko Kobayashi December 5, 2014
11 "Shadow Slasher"
Shigeru Murakoshi December 12, 2014
12 "Blood Moon"
"Gyōgetsu -BLOOD MOON-" (暁月-BLOOD MOON-) 
Yasuko Kobayashi December 19, 2014
SP "Daybreak"
N/A December 26, 2014
13 "Burning Ashes"
Kiyoko Yoshimura January 9, 2015
14 "Geste"
"Bukun -GESTE-" (武勲-GESTE-) 
Sadayuki Murai January 16, 2015
15 "Project G"
"Shokunin -PROJECT G-" (職人-PROJECT G-) 
Tōru Kubo January 23, 2015
16 "Cure"
"Ijutsu -CURE-" (医術-CURE-) 
Shigeru Murakoshi January 30, 2015
17 "Snow Fall"
"Yukiyo -SNOW FALL-" (雪夜-SNOW FALL-) 
Kiyoko Yoshimura February 6, 2015
18 "Scar Flame"
"Gen'en -SCAR FLAME" (幻炎-SCAR FLAME-) 
Yasuko Kobayashi February 13, 2015
19 "Tempest"
"Kokuyoku -TEMPEST-" (黒翼-TEMPEST-) 
Kiyoko Yoshimura February 20, 2015
20 "Double Dealer"
Shigeru Murakoshi February 27, 2015
21 "Knights"
"Fushi -KNIGHTS-" (父子-KNIGHTS-) 
Kiyoko Yoshimura March 6, 2015
22 "Dreadly Focus"
Shigeru Murakoshi March 13, 2015
23 "Doom"
"Gesshoku -DOOM-" (月食-DOOM-) 
Sadayuki Murai March 20, 2015
24 "Chiastolite"
Yasuko Kobayashi March 27, 2015
25 "Home"
"Itoguruma -HOME-" (糸車-HOME-) 
Kiyoko Yoshimura N/A

Garo: Crimson Moon[edit]

# Title Writer Original airdate
1 26 "Onmyou"
"Onmyō" (陰陽) 
Toshiki Inoue
Shō Aikawa
October 9, 2015
2 27 "Tied Sword"
"Entō" (縁刀) 
Shō Aikawa October 16, 2015
3 28 "Curse"
"Juso" (呪詛) 
Shō Aikawa October 23, 2015
4 29 "Kaguya"
"Kaguya" (赫夜) 
Masaki Wachi October 30, 2015
5 30 "Hakamadare"
"Hakamadare" (袴垂) 
Shigeru Murakoshi November 6, 2015
6 31 "Lurking Demon"
"Fukuma" (伏魔) 
Seishi Minakami November 13, 2015
7 32 "Mother Daughter"
"Oyako" (母娘) 
Shō Aikawa November 20, 2015
8 33 "Brothers"
"Kyōdai" (兄弟) 
Shō Aikawa
Shinichi Inotsume
November 27, 2015
9 34 "Shine and Ruin"
"Kōmetsu" (光滅) 
Takao Yoshioka December 4, 2015
10 35 "1/10th"
"Issun" (一寸) 
Shinichi Inotsume December 11, 2015
11 36 "Zanga"
"Zanga" (斬牙) 
Masaki Wachi December 18, 2015
12 37 "Kyokuen"
"Kyokuen" (曲宴) 
N/A December 25, 2015
13 38 "Conflict"
"Sōkoku" (相克) 
Shigeru Murakoshi January 8, 2016
14 39 "Seimei"
"Seimei" (星明) 
Seishi Minakami January 15, 2016
15 40 "Soul Moon"
"Shingetsu" (心月) 
Shigeru Murakoshi January 22, 2016
16 41 "Worst"
"Saitei" (最低) 
Seishi Minakami January 29, 2016
17 42 "Sinister Evil"
"Kyōaku" (兇悪) 
Masaki Wachi February 5, 2016
18 43 "Extinguished Star"
"Seimetsu" (星滅) 
Shinichi Inotsume February 12, 2016
19 44 "Frenzy"
"Ryōran" (繚乱) 
Shigeru Murakoshi February 19, 2016
20 45 "Vessel"
"Yorishiro" (依代) 
Seishi Minakami February 26, 2016
21 46 "Duel"
"Taiketsu" (対決) 
Masaki Wachi March 11, 2016
22 47 "Resonance"
"Kyōmei" (共鳴) 
Shigeru Murakoshi March 18, 2016
23 48 "Rudra"
"Rudora" (嶐鑼) 
Shigeru Murakoshi March 25, 2016
24 49 "Assault Moon"
"Tōgetsu" (討月) 
Shinichi Inotsume
Tōru Kubo
April 1, 2016
25 50 "The Butterfly of Time"
"Kokuchō" (刻蝶) 
Shigeru Murakoshi N/A

Theme songs[edit]

Garo: The Animation
Opening themes
Ending themes
  • "FOCUS"
    • Composition & Arrangement: R・O・N
    • Lyrics & Artist: Showtaro Morikubo
    • Episodes: 13-24
Garo: Crimson Moon
Opening themes
  • "Guren no Tsuki ~Kakusareshi Yami Monogatari~" (紅蓮ノ月~隠されし闇物語~, "Crimson Moon ~The Hidden Dark Chronicle~")
    • Lyrics: Masami Okui
    • Composition: Hironobu Kageyama
    • Arrangement: Kenichi Sudō
    • Artist: JAM Project
    • Episodes: 1-14
  • "Gekka" (月華, "Moon Flower")
    • Lyrics: Masami Okui
    • Composition: Hironobu Kageyama
    • Arrangement: Masaki Suzuki, Shiho Terada
    • Artist: JAM Project
    • Episodes: 15-24
Ending themes
  • "Kamon" (花紋, "Flower Crest")
    • Lyrics: Sayaka Sasaki
    • Composition: Masami Okui
    • Arrangement: Masaki Suzuki
    • Artist: Sayaka Sasaki with Inaribayashi (Mayu Udono, Eriko Satō)
    • Episodes: 1-14
  • "Karen" (花蓮, "Lotus Flower")
    • Lyrics: Sayaka Sasaki
    • Composition: Masami Okui
    • Arrangement: ENDO. (of Geeks)
    • Artist: Inaribayashi (Ayaka Ōhashi, Sayaka Sasaki, Mayu Udono, Eriko Satō)
    • Episodes: 15-24
Garo: Divine Flame
Opening theme
  • "Yaiba ~the divine blade~" (刃~the divine blade~, "Blade ~the divine blade~")
    • Lyrics: Hironobu Kageyama
    • Composition: Hiroshi Kitadani
    • Arrangement: Hisashi Koyama (of onetrap)
    • Artist: JAM Project
Ending theme
  • "Howlite"
    • Composition & Arrangement: Tomohiro Nakatsuchi
    • Lyrics & Artist: Sayaka Sasaki


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