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Full name Os Garridos Clube de São Domingos
Founded May 15, 1948
Ground Campo de Nora, Nora near São Domingos, Cape Verde
Estádio da Calabaceira, Praia, Cape Verde
Estádio da Várzea, Praia, Cape Verde
Chairman Cape Verde Emanuel da Veiga Ribeiro
Manager Cape Verde Osvaldo Borja
League Santiago Island League (South)
2016–17 11th, Relegated

Os Garridos Clube de São Domingos (also in the Capeverdean Crioulo, ALUPEC or ALUPEK and the São Vicente Crioulo) is a multisport club that plays in the Santiago Island League South Zone in Cape Verde. The team is based in the town of São Domingos in Calheta de São Miguel in the eastern part of the island of Santiago. Its clubs includes football (soccer), handball and basketball. The team has never won any titles.


Its logo colors are white and blue. The logo features a sea-blue circle with an eagle in the middle and is encircled by a navy blue seal reading the club and the foundation date.


As of 2015, its home uniform colors has a blue t-shirt and shorts and black socks.


The club was founded on May 15, 1948. Garridos' worst season was in 1968 where the club lost to Académica da Praia 21-0.

After Cape Verdean independence, Garridos celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1998. Later, Garridos would be placed in the Santiago Island League North Zone in 2001 when the championships split into two zones, the club played at Cumbém, then at Pedra Bajedo.[1][2][3] They remain until the early 2010s, Garridos switched to the South Zone along with other clubs in the municipality and started playing at Estádio da Várzea. The club in the 2013–14 season played in the second division and now they played for the next three seasons in the premier division. The club finished 7th with 19 points in the 2014/15 season and scored 12 goals, in the 2015/16 season, the club finished 10th now just outside the relegation zone with 18 points and had 5 wins and 14 losses, Garridos scored 27 goals which was the fifth highest in the championship. In week 20, Os Garridos defeated the weak Delta at the time was about to be relegated. As both Os Garridos and Varanda had no further wins for the remaining two weeks, Varanda had 16 points, it saved Os Garridos from being relegated into the Second Division. Garridos did not had a single win in the 2016-17 season until January 28 after defeating Bairro (also known as ADESBA) 0-1, currently as of the 20th round, the club has 6 points and is 11th but inside the relegation zone which has since the third round, Garridos had a final chance to remain in the Premier Division at the 21st round, Garridos kept their possible chance after their second win over Praia's top three Travadores, the score being 0-7, it made it the highest scoring match in seasons for the club and the region's second behind Boavista's 8-0 earlier who defeated this club, their high goal scoring was their revenge over Garridos' massive 8-0 loss to Boavista earlier, a top three club of the city and Southern Santiago, lastly they defeated ADESBA. The final match of the season was a goal draw with Celtic Praia, the point difference was one behind Eugénio Lima and Garridos was finally relegated and will spend the following season in the Second Division. Garridos conceded 45 goals, in the final rounds, they conceded the most up to the 22nd round and became second ahead of Travadores and behind Vitória.

In the 2017 regional cup, the club advanced into the semis and defeated Celtic Praia 4-0 on 13 April and the club advanced into the finals and made a goal draw with Sporting Praia on May 7 which led into the penalty shootout and lost to Sporting. Garridos made their best position as a finalist. As Sporting was also champions on April 9, Garridos had unlocked its entry into the 2017 regional super cup for the first and only time, their qualification status was as runner-up in the cup final, Garridos was underestimated as the club lost the match to Sporting Praia on October 28.

In the following season, a possibility that the club will not be playing at Várzea, they may play at Calabaceira or at Ponta d'Água being closer to São Domingos.


Estádio da Várzea, the secondary home field of Garridos

Garridos has a small field in the area of São Domingos, they also play in the area of Calabaceira. Garridos's matches are played at Estádio da Várzea, a multi-use stadium in Praia, Cape Verde. It is currently used mostly for football matches. The stadium holds 8,000. Its address is Caixa Postal 234. The stadium has seat rows in the left and right sides and a small hill and a plateau lies to the west. The stadium is home to the three best football clubs in Cape Verde and the island's six best, Sporting. CD Travadores, Boavista FC, Académica, Desportivo and Vitória, all in the Santiago South Championships.

Garridos did not used it between 1999 and 2010 when they were with the North Zone of Santiago.

The club also practices at the stadium, at Complexo Desportivo Adega in Achada Grande Tras and in São Domingos including the one near São Domingos and another at Ribeira da Praia Formosa around Milho Branco. In the following season, Garridos will play at Calabaceira and probably also play at Ponta d'Àgua so Garridos can be closer to São Domingos which the club is based. The field at nearby Nora located near São Domingos has been recently added artificial turf and will possibly add stadium seats. That portion is now the development of becoming the home field of Garridos.


Secondary achievements[edit]


League and cup history[edit]

Santiago Island League (South Zone)[edit]

Season Div. Pos. Pl. W D L GS GA GD P Cup Tour Notes
2013–14 3 1 18 - - - - - - - Promoted into the Regional Premier League
2014–15 2 7 18 5 4 9 12 22 -10 19
2015–16 2 10 22 5 3 14 27 39 -12 18
2016–17 2 1 22 3 6 13 24 45 -21 15 Finalist To be relegated into the regional Second Division


  • Best position at cup competitions: Finalist (regional)
  • Appearances at the tier-3 competitions: 4, to be 5
  • Appearance in a regional super cup competition: Once, in 2017
  • Worst defeat: Académica 21-0 Garridos, in 1968


Current squad[edit]

As of 30 April 2017[4]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Cape Verde Ailton Paulo da Moura Pereira
Cape Verde Edilton José Afonseca
Cape Verde Edmilson Rodrigues
Cape Verde Elisandro Brazão
Cape Verde Walter Patrick da Costa Cabral
Cape Verde Celso Mendes
Cape Verde Djanine Tavares Pereira
Cape Verde Edeney Semedo
Cape Verde Elton Patrick Gonçalves
Cape Verde Edilson Mendes Fernandes
Cape Verde Carlos Alberto Ferreira
Cape Verde DF Fred (Steven Frederico Fernandes)
Cape Verde Adérito Jailson Gomes
Cape Verde David P. Gomes
Cape Verde David Wilker Gomes
Cape Verde Daniel Gonçalves
Cape Verde Helton[a] Monteiro
Cape Verde Hericles (Éricles) César Correia
Cape Verde Ivanildo Perreira Rocha
No. Position Player
Cape Verde Jair José Moreira da Veiga
Cape Verde Janilson[b] Monteiro
Cape Verde Júnior Nelito Cabral
Cape Verde Constantino M. Leal
Cape Verde Gelson Jac Martins
Cape Verde Henry Meiler M. Correia[c]
Cape Verde Flávio Jair Mendes
Cape Verde Adilson Adérito Moniz
Cape Verde José Manuel A. Monteiro
Cape Verde Elder Rodrigues Moreira
Cape Verde Nilton Cesar Paiva Tavares
Cape Verde Carlos Patrick Pereira
Cape Verde Rilton Moises M. Semedo
Cape Verde Carlos Tavares Rosa
Cape Verde Carlos Tovicke Semedo
Cape Verde Adérito da Cruz Silva
Cape Verde Walin Stiv Barreto
Cape Verde Joel Alexandre da Veiga
  1. ^ In English he is known as Halton or Hilton
  2. ^ Or as Jan-Nilson
  3. ^ rarely as Henry Miller

Former players[edit]


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