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Garuda Shield 2009 logo
Brig. Gen. Michele G. Compton, the commanding general of the 9th Mission Support Command, and Brig. Gen. Mulyono, the training director for the Indonesian Army Training and Doctrine Command giving opening speech during Garuda Shield 2011.
Col. Nono Mulyono, Maj. Gen. Soenarko, and Maj. Gen. Robert G.F. Lee review the more than 1,100 troops representing six nations standing in formation at the Opening Ceremony for Garuda Shield 2010.

Garuda Shield is a two-week joint-exercise between the United States Army and Indonesian Army. The purposes of this joint-exercise is to enhance and enrich the jungle warfare ability of both U.S. Army and Indonesian Army. This joint-exercise took place in Indonesia. This joint-exercise was first held in 2009.

Garuda Shield 2009[edit]

This was the first time Garuda Shield joint-exercise was held. This joint-exercise took place in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. In this first annual Garuda Shield exercise, several other nations are invited to join the exercise. The following nations were[1]

Garuda Shield 2010[edit]

Garuda Shield 2010 was held on June, 2010 in Cipatat, Bandung, Indonesia.[2]


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