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St. Matthew's Primary School, Garvaghy.
Not to be confused with Garvagh.

Coordinates: 54°29′20″N 7°08′06″W / 54.489°N 7.135°W / 54.489; -7.135 Garvaghey or Garvaghy (pronounced /ɡɑːrˈvɑːhi/ gar-VAH-hee,[citation needed] from Irish: Garbhachadh, meaning "rough field")[1][2] is a townland and hamlet in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

It is between Ballygawley (about 5 miles to the southeast) and Omagh (about 11 miles to the northwest). It has a primary school, St Matthew's, a Catholic chapel (also called St Matthew's), a pub called Kelly's Inn and a shop.[citation needed]

Carvaghey is in the Parish of Errigal Ciaran. The Garvaghey Centre is in Garvaghey in which the home county team (Tyrone) usually trains.

Poet John Montague was born in New York City on 28 February 1929, and raised in Garvaghey.


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