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Mango 'Gary'
Gary mango.JPG
Photo of Gary mangoes at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden's 2010 International Mango Festival in Miami, Florida
Genus Mango
Hybrid parentage 'Carrie (mango)' x unknown
Cultivar 'Gary'
Breeder Gary Zill
Origin Florida, USA

The 'Gary' mango is a named mango cultivar that originated in south Florida.


'Gary' was a seedling of the 'Carrie' mango.[1] It was named after horticulturalist and nursery owner Gary Zill. This continued a tradition of mangoes named after members of the Zill family, which include the 'Zill', 'Dot', and 'Carrie' cultivars as well.[2]

The 'Gary' has been sold as a nursery stock tree in Florida. 'Gary' trees are planted in the collections of the USDA's germplasm repository in Miami, Florida[3] and the Miami-Dade Fruit and Spice Park in Homestead, Florida.[4]


The fruit is small, averaging less than a pound, is of ovoid shape and has yellow skin.


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