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Gary Berkowitz is an American Radio Broadcast Consultant based in Detroit, Michigan.

Originally from Oceanside, NY, he attended Emerson College in Boston, MA where he received a B.A. in Speech and Communications.

Berkowitz is noted for being an original innovator of contemporary FM radio, and popularizing the Top 40 category in the 70's & 80's. Gary was the originator and first Program Director of the legendary WPRO-FM (92 PRO-FM) in Providence. Gary then went on to program leading US radio stations such as WPRO-AM, WROR, Boston, WHYT, Detroit, WJR, Detroit and WKQI, Detroit.

Today Gary is the President of Berkowitz Broadcast Consulting, ( one of the top broadcast consulting firms in the US. Affiliated with hundreds of radio companies over the years including CBS Radio, ABC, Greater Media, Americom Broadcasting and many other leading private and public broadcast groups. In 2007, Gary was on the CBS Radio team that debuted Fresh 102.7 (WWFS) in New York. Gary specializes in adult contemporary and classic hits radio stations.

In May 2009, Berkowitz, along with partner Jon Wolfert of Jam Productions in Dallas formed 1330 Networks, LLC to produce and syndicate radio programs. In 2012, Gary was inducted into the Rhode Island Radio Hall of Fame for his work over the years at WPRO and 92 PRO-FM. In 2013, Gary was inducted into the WERS, Boston (Emerson College) Hall of Fame.

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