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Gary Chalk is a British illustrator and model-maker.


Born in 1952, Gary grew up in rural Hertfordshire, England. He started playing wargames at the age of 15. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in design, and spent time as a teacher of art and design before going freelance.

Gary Chalk is perhaps best known for his contributions to the Lone Wolf series of gamebooks written by Joe Dever.[1][2] In addition to Lone Wolf, Gary has been involved in the artwork for a number of other notable games and books. These include the board game Talisman and the first six volumes of the Redwall series of children's books. He has also drawn maps for the entire selection of Warriors books by Erin Hunter.

Chalk and Ian Bailey created the game Fantasy Warlord (1990) to compete with Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy Battle, but Fantasy Warlord did not last long.[3]

As of 2009–2010, Gary Chalk is the illustrator for Allan Frewin Jones' Sundered Lands books.

He is also illustrating with original artworks the French edition of Mongoose Publishing's Lone Wolf RPG.

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