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Gary Day (born 1941 in Christchurch, New Zealand) is an actor and writer who has appeared in Australian television police drama series, including Homicide and Murder Call.


Day worked as a male model and appeared in several television commercials. This led to guest roles in episodes of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, police dramas The Link Men, The Long Arm, and Homicide and Matlock Police produced by Crawford Productions. This culminated in the regular role of Senior Detective Phillip Redford in Crawford's series Homicide in 1973. Redford was a university graduate who had served as a bomb disposal expert in Vietnam, and was anti-violence as a result.

Day stayed in Homicide until it ceased production in 1975, appearing in 134 episodes. Following this he appeared as a regular in Crawford's soap opera The Box as Marcus Boyd in 1977.

His other regular series role was as Detective Inspector Malcolm Thorne in Murder Call in 1997-98.

Guest roles include Cop Shop, Carson's Law, Blue Heelers, Halifax f.p., Dogs Head Bay.

Stage roles[edit]

He played the major supporting role of George Witton (to Terence Donovan's leading role of Harry 'Breaker' Morant) in the first public performance of Kenneth G. Ross's important Australian play Breaker Morant: A Play in Two Acts, presented by the Melbourne Theatre Company at the Athenaeum Theatre, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, on Thursday, 2 February 1978.

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