Gary Hustwit

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Gary Hustwit
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OccupationIndependent filmmaker and photographer
Notable work
Helvetica, Objectified, Urbanized, Rams

Gary Hustwit is an American independent filmmaker, photographer, and vice president of[1][2]

He is best known for his Design Trilogy of documentaries,[3] which examines the impact of European and American trends in graphic design, typography, industrial design, architecture, and urban planning. He told Dwell magazine, "I like the idea of taking a closer look at the things we take for granted and changing the way people think about them, whether it’s type or objects or whatever."[4]

Along with film producer Sean Anderson, Hustwit co-founded Plexifilm, a production company and DVD label.[5]


Earlier in his career he was an independent book publisher.[citation needed]





In 2008, Hustwit was nominated for the Independent Spirit "Truer Than Fiction" Award for Helvetica (2007).[2]


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