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Gary Le Strange performing live at the Resofit, a benefit event for Resonance FM.

Gary Le Strange is a character created by comedian Waen Shepherd. Le Strange is played as an eccentric English cult-rock composer, songwriter and performer, who believes his surreal and abstract performances to be groundbreaking.

Le Strange's eclectic style of songs are bombastic, upbeat and quirky, in the new romantic style, and on stage he uses avant-garde performance art between songs.

Le Strange appeared at the 2003 Edinburgh Festival Fringe with his debut show Polaroid Suitcase, for which he received a Perrier award for Best Newcomer.

Gary Le Strange continues to perform live, and his most recent album is Beef Scarecrow.

TV credits[edit]

Theatre credits[edit]

  • Beef Scarecrow 2006
  • Face Academy, 2004

Album releases[edit]

  • Polaroid Suitcase
  • Face Academy
  • Beef Scarecrow


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