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Gary Penn
OccupationHead of Development at Denki

Gary Penn is a former British games reviewer who wrote for Zzap!64[2] in the 1980s and is a video game industry veteran. He later was editor of The One from 1988 to 1990[3] and was Creative Director at DMA Design where he supervised the release of the first Grand Theft Auto game in 1997.[4] Penn has described the game as taking years to develop and almost being cancelled.[5]

Penn's first job in the games industry was as a freelance producer for Konami where he worked on a Batman licensed game and David Braben's Frontier.[5]

Penn won the Games Media Legend award in 2007.[6]

As of September 2011, he is Head of Development at Denki.[4] Penn claims his magazine background helped him setting up a "Hollywood-style" studio system there:[2]


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