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Gary S. Lachman (born New York City, United States) is an author, international lawyer and former Portfolio Manager for the U.S. Department of State. Formerly a resident of Istanbul, Turkey, Lachman currently resides in Palm Beach County, Florida.


Lachman was born and raised in New York, before moving to North Carolina to attend college at Duke University. Upon graduation, Lachman moved again, this time to Colorado to attend the University of Denver College of Law. Lachman practiced law in Denver for nine years before moving to Washington, D.C., where he lived until 2006. While in DC, Lachman developed Lake Arbor, Maryland, one of the first large-scale master planned communities in the Washington, D.C. suburbs. Originally planned by the son of William Levitt, developer of Levittown on Long Island, what was then called Newbridge was acquired by a partnership of Lachman, David A. Gitlitz of Aspen, Colorado, and Alvin Dworman of New York. Appreciating the growing demographic of affluent African Americans in Washington seeking a suburban lifestyle, Gitlitz and Lachman re-positioned the dormant project into a haven for upwardly mobile young families with children. An award-winning community shopping center, a dramatic high-rise apartment building, a championship 18-hole golf course, and an extensive network of parks and recreational facilities complement the thousands of upscale homes built by national builders such as Ryland, Ryan, Pulte, Winchester, and US Homes. After completion of the land development work at Lake Arbor, Lachman's own residential construction company, Thoroughbred Homes, re-entered the community with high-quality single-family housing. Thoroughbred built many high-end production and luxury custom homes in the Washington suburbs between 1991 and 1997.

Lachman later worked at the U.S. Department of State as an International Real Estate Portfolio Manager and leader of the New Embassies and Consulates group at the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations. He negotiated and managed the development of projects above €800 million globally. He is remembered at the State Department for, among other things, his interesting approach to international negotiation; in one former Soviet state, negotiating the acquisition of a crucial security setback property in exchange for a Barbie doll and a Tonka truck.

Lachman was an associate professor of International Real Estate at the Johns Hopkins University, Edward St John real estate program at the Carey Business School [1] teaching a graduate level course in International Real Estate Investment and Development in Emerging Markets. Mr. Lachman has taught business communication and law classes at Koç University in Istanbul [2] to undergraduate students, and was a lecturer on cross cultural communication and negotiation in the College of Business Administration at Kuwait University. For a number of years, Mr. Lachman taught a seminar on negotiation techniques at The Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland for their American Law program. [3] He has also served as an International Real Estate Consultant to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of the Republic of Poland, assisting with their acquisitions and disposals in the U.S. and throughout the world. As a private developer in the U.S. he has developed over 5,000,000 square meters of residential land and buildings.

Lachman built strong relationships and legacies during his University days. In 1980, Lachman founded the Perkins Shearer/Denver Symphony Annual Polo Cup. An avid and nationally ranked polo player himself, as well as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Denver Symphony Orchestra, Lachman enlisted the support of Perkins Shearer, the then premier clothier in Denver, Colorado. Working with two local polo clubs with which he was a member, Lachman organized and played in what originated as a single match and grew into an annual tournament that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Denver Symphony Orchestra. 30 years later, and unbeknownst to its current organizers, this event grew into what is now called the Denver Polo Classic, a major fundraising activity for children's’ charities.[4] Lachman maintains solid ties to Duke University, having served on several of the Advisory Boards, including the Board of Visitors of the Duke University Medical Center, the Duke Heart Board, and the Duke Eye Center [5]. He combines his involvement with Duke and his teaching background with Johns Hopkins 2000–2006 by providing college counseling to foreign students wishing to attend university in the United States. Gary is currently continuing his support of classical music by serving on the Board of Trustees of The Palm Beach Symphony.

Gary Lachman is Of Counsel in Greenspoon Marder's West Palm Beach office [] where he works as the senior real estate and M&A lawyer. Mr. Lachman has enjoyed a 30-year distinguished career as an international attorney combined with vast experience related to entity and transactional structuring. His practice focuses on international mergers & acquisitions, energy, and real estate law.

Lachman has been a contributing journalist for the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review with weekly columns – "The Consultant's Corner" and "The Law Office" - and is the author of the book Real Estate Investment, Development, and Law in Emerging Markets. Lachman has also written a book on a more personal subject. A cancer survivor himself, he wrote the book, Beating the Alternative (Amazon, 2010) to reflect upon and communicate the lessons learned from this experience. Lachman donates the profits from this book to colon cancer research, and provides some of the leading cancer institutions with free copies to distribute to their patients. This book is one of the few resources that provide cancer patients with a "no holds barred" account of what to expect during treatment and the absolute necessity for being your own best advocate. Gary Lachman is currently working on his fifth novel. Titled "FRIENDSHIPPING", it is the story of a man who finds himself through his friends from all over the world.