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Gary Spivey
Born Star, North Carolina, United States
Residence Star, North Carolina
Occupation Psychic, Medium, Healer, Cold Reader, television and talk radio personality.

Gary Spivey is a self-proclaimed, medium, spiritual healer and spiritual teacher. He has made appearances on radio programs, TV shows, in live casino shows, and also conducts personal readings, seminars, workshops, and retreats.[1]

Radio shows[edit]

Spivey regularly performs morning radio shows. Current stations include shows in New York, Los Angeles (KYSR-FM), Chicago, San Francisco(KYLD-FM), Las Vegas(KLUC-FM),[2] San Diego(XHRM-FM),[3] Sacramento(KSFM-FM),[4] Washington DC, Minneapolis(KDWB-FM),[5] Miami, Milwaukee WMYX-FM),[6] Nashville, Atlanta, KQRC 98.9 The Rock out of Kansas City Missouri, performing on the Johnny Dare Morning Show, as well as in Fort Myers, FL (WXKB-FM) on the Big Mama and The WiLD Bunch Morning Show.[7] In the 1990s, Spivey was a sometime regular on the wildly popular syndicated radio program The Ron & Ron Show (Ron and Ron), as well as hosting his own call in show which was owned and produced by The Ron & Ron Radio Network and broadcast on WSUN-AM in Tampa, Florida.


Spivey has appeared on shows such as Entertainment Tonight, Hard Copy, The Ricki Lake Show, The Other Half, Inside Edition, Jeopardy!, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and Jerry Springer. He has also guest starred in A&E's Family Plots series[8] and on World Championship Wrestling shows where he was scripted to be the mentor of Paul Orndorff. He is known for his unique hair which appears to be a dense, silver afro or afro wig.


Gary Spivey's first book, co-authored with Dean Hymel was written in 2006 is titled Your Keys to Heaven – Secrets from God.[9]


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