Gas Food Lodging

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Gas Food Lodging
Gas Food Lodging theatrical poster
Directed by Allison Anders
Produced by William Ewart
Daniel Hassid
Seth Willenson
Screenplay by Allison Anders
Based on Don't Look and It Won't Hurt
by Richard Peck
Starring Brooke Adams
Ione Skye
Fairuza Balk
Music by J. Mascis
Cinematography Dean Lent
Edited by Tracy Granger
Distributed by Cineville
Release date
  • July 10, 1992 (1992-07-10)
Running time
101 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $1.3 million
Box office $1.3 million

Gas Food Lodging is a 1992 movie written and directed by Allison Anders about a waitress trying to find romance while raising two daughters in a trailer-park. It stars Brooke Adams, Ione Skye, and Fairuza Balk. The film was adapted from the young adult novel Don't Look and It Won't Hurt by Richard Peck. The title of the film is derived from road signs on American interstate highways directing travelers to those respective service establishments near highway exits.

The film was produced by Cineville and entered into the 42nd Berlin International Film Festival.[1] Fairuza Balk won the 1993 Independent Spirit Award for best female lead for her role in this movie.


Nora, (Brooke Adams) a waitress with two teenage daughters, struggles to raise them in a trailer park as a single parent after her husband abandons the family. After repeatedly skipping school to go on dates, Trudi (Ione Skye) quits school and gets a job as a waitress alongside her mother. Meanwhile, young Shade (Fairuza Balk) spends most of her time watching the movies of Mexican film star Elvia Rivero (Nina Belanger) and dreams of finding a new boyfriend for her mother.

After being dumped by the boy she was seeing, Trudi meets Dank (Robert Knepper), a British petrologist, at the restaurant where she's working. They eventually sleep together, and she tells him that her promiscuity is caused by the fact that she lost her virginity in a gang rape perpetuated by local boys she knew. Returning home the following night, her mother informs her that she has one month to find a new home.

Shade tries to seduce Darius, a boy she has a crush on, by dressing up in a wig and costume at the suggestion of her sister. After her seduction attempt fails, she runs into Javier (Jacob Vargas), the local projectionist, who teases her over her outfit before giving her a ride home on his bike. Afterwards she sets her mother up with Raymond, a man she found outside the bar, who works as a gravedigger, on a date that goes horribly wrong.

Trudi discovers she is pregnant with Dank's child, but when he fails to turn up, she decides to go to Dallas and give up her child rather than have an abortion. While Trudi is away, Nora begins an affair with Hamlet Humphrey (David Lansbury), a man who installs satellite dishes, and the girls' biological father, John (James Brolin), reappears.

Shade falls in love with Javier and tries to reconnect with her father. Initially disturbed by Hamlet Humphrey, she warms to him after he reveals that he is familiar with the movies of Elvia Rivero and compares Nora to her.

Shade goes up to Dallas with her mother to be there for the birth of Trudi's baby. After giving birth to a daughter, Trudi tells Shade that she'll be staying in the city. On their way home Shade spots a sign advertising day-glo rocks like the one Dank gave her sister. She goes to confront Dank but instead learns that he was killed in an accident while looking for rocks. Walking home, Shade realizes that Dank always loved Trudi and vows to eventually tell her the truth of what happened.



The soundtrack for Gas, Food, Lodging was released by Elektra Records containing 28 tracks. J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr contributed many of the tracks and also made a cameo in the film.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Untitled - J. Mascis
  2. Untitled - J. Mascis
  3. Untitled - J. Mascis
  4. Untitled - J. Mascis
  5. Untitled - J. Mascis
  6. Untitled - J. Mascis
  7. Untitled - J. Mascis
  8. Untitled - J. Mascis
  9. Flying Clouds [instrumental] - Barry Adamson, J. Mascis
  10. Sideways - J. Mascis
  11. Soliloquy - Barry Adamson
  12. Odio-Amor, Odio-Amor - Barry Adamson
  13. Shade - Barry Adamson
  14. Insight - Antagonist
  15. Maria - Green, Mitch Experience, Carlos Adley
  16. Laverdad des Nuda - Barry Adamson
  17. Thunder - Renegade Soundwave
  18. Lament - Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds
  19. Women Respond to Bass - Renegade Soundwave
  20. Trudi's Confession - Barry Adamson
  21. Magic - Louise Tollson
  22. Cloud Chamber - Easy
  23. We Call It Rock - Velvet Monkeys
  24. Los Votos Segradas - Barry Adamson
  25. Love - Victoria Williams
  26. Sun Before the Dawn [instrumental] - Crime & The City Solution
  27. Untitled - Boyd Rice
  28. Untitled (Reprise) - J. Mascis


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