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Gasabo is a district (akarere) in Kigali Province, Rwanda. Its capital is in Kacyiru Sector, the suburb neighboring the presidential office and number of Rwanda different ministry offices. The district also includes large areas of the city itself, including Kacyiru, Remera, Nyarutarama and Kimihurura.

Gasabo is the location of the Gisozi Genocide Memorial Site, the burial place of approximately 300,000 victims of the Rwandan genocide. In addition to the cemetery, the memorial has a related genocide exhibition area and library and has plans to develop a teaching centre on the history of the genocide.


During the Rwandan genocide in 1994, the Gasabo District was called Gikomero commune. It was divided into 10 sectors: Bumbogo, Gasabo, Gicaca, Gikomero, Gishaka, Kayanga, Nduba, Rutunga, Sha and Shango.[1]


The district occupies the northern half of Kigali province, which had its boundaries extended under local government reorganisation in 2006. Gasabo includes major suburbs of Kigali, sections of a ring of hills which surround the city, and some villages to the north and east of those. Rwanda's wealthiest area, Nyarutarama is also in the district, as are the office of the president (in Kacyiru) and most of the ministries.


Gasabo district is divided into 15 sectors (imirenge): Bumbogo, Gatsata, Jali, Gikomero, Gisozi, Jabana, Kinyinya, Ndera, Nduba, Rusororo, Rutunga, Kacyiru, Kimihurura, Kimironko and Remera.

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