Gasherbrum III

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Gasherbrum III
Gasherbrum III.jpg
Highest point
Elevation7,952 m (26,089 ft)[1][2]
Prominence461 m (1,512 ft)[1]
Coordinates35°44′N 76°38′E / 35.733°N 76.633°E / 35.733; 76.633Coordinates: 35°44′N 76°38′E / 35.733°N 76.633°E / 35.733; 76.633
Gasherbrum III is located in Gilgit Baltistan
Gasherbrum III
Gasherbrum III
Location of Gasherbrum III
Gasherbrum III is located in Southern Xinjiang
Gasherbrum III
Gasherbrum III
Gasherbrum III (Southern Xinjiang)
LocationBaltistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
Xinjiang, China[3]
Parent rangeKarakoram
First ascent1975 by Wanda Rutkiewicz, Alison Chadwick-Onyszkiewicz, Janusz Onyszkiewicz and Krzysztof Zdzitowiecki
Easiest routesnow/ice climb

Gasherbrum III (Urdu: گاشر برم -3; simplified Chinese: 加舒尔布鲁木III峰; traditional Chinese: 加舒爾布魯木III峰; pinyin: Jiāshūěrbùlǔmù III Fēng), surveyed as K3a, is a summit in the Gasherbrum massif of the Baltoro Muztagh, a subrange of the Karakoram on the border between Xinjiang, China and Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan.[3] It is situated between Gasherbrum II and IV.

Gasherbrum III fails to meet a 500 metres (1,600 ft) topographic prominence cutoff to be an independent mountain; hence it can be considered a subpeak of Gasherbrum II.[4]

Gasherbrum III was one of the highest unclimbed summits in the world[5] up to its first ascent in 1975, by Wanda Rutkiewicz, Alison Chadwick-Onyszkiewicz, Janusz Onyszkiewicz and Krzysztof Zdzitowiecki, members of a Polish expedition.[6]

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