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The Gaspar Strait is the strait separating the Indonesian islands Belitung and Bangka and connecting the Java Sea to the South China Sea.

These straits, formed between the large islands Banca and Billiton, are generally called Gaspar Straits, after the Spanish captain from Manila, who passed through them in 1724; but Captain Hurle, returning from China in the English ship Macclesfield, had previously passed through them, in March 1702. Pulo Leat, or Middle Island, separates these straits into two principal branches; that to the westward, between it and the S.E. part of Banca, is often called Macclesfield Strait; and the eastern branch, situated between Middle Island, and Long Island, near Billiton, is generally called Clements' Strait, after Captain Clements, who commanded the fleet from China, that went through this branch in July 1781. Gaspar Island, or Pulo Glassa, 2°24′42″S 107°4′10″E / 2.41167°S 107.06944°E / -2.41167; 107.06944, lies approximately 24 miles north of Middle Island 2°52′0″S 107°4′0″E / 2.86667°S 107.06667°E / -2.86667; 107.06667 and approximately 18 miles from Tanjong Brekat 2°34′21″S 106°50′43″E / 2.57250°S 106.84528°E / -2.57250; 106.84528.[1]


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Coordinates: 2°52′S 107°4′E / 2.867°S 107.067°E / -2.867; 107.067