Gaspar Téllez-Girón, 5th Duke de Osuna

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Gaspar Téllez-Girón. Engraving by Giovanni Battista Bonacina.

Gaspar Téllez-Girón, 5th Duke de Osuna (25 May 1625 – Madrid, 2 June 1694), 5th Marquess of Peñafiel, 9th Count of Ureña and other lesser titles, was a Spanish general and a Grandee of Spain, title bestowed by king Philip II of Spain on 5 February 1562 when Pedro Téllez-Girón y de la Cueva, 5th Count of Ureña, a.k.a. Pedro Girón de la Cueva, Viceroy of Naples, was given the title of 1st Duke of Osuna.

He lost the Battle of Castelo Rodrigo in 1664, as part of the Portuguese Restoration War. He was Viceroy of Catalonia, 1667–1669, Governor of the Duchy of Milan, Italy, (1670–1674), when he was replaced by Claude Lamoral, Prince of Ligne.

Family ancestors background[edit]

He was the grandson of Pedro Téllez-Girón, 3rd Duke of Osuna, Viceroy of Sicily, Viceroy of Naples, and the son of Juan Tellez-Girón y Enriquez de Ribera, 4th Duke of Osuna, Viceroy of Sicily.

Don Gaspar marriages[edit]

In his first marriage in 1645 he married a cousin, named as her mother Felice, Feliche de Sandoval Rojas y Enriquez de Cabrera, deceased in Milan, Italy on 7 October 1671, who hold her own inherited title of 4th Duchess of Uceda and was therefore, also a Grandee of Spain on her own rights, daughter of Francisco de Sandoval Rojas, 2nd Duke of Lerma and 2nd Duke of Uceda, Duke of Cea. Her mother was a member of the powerful and old Colonna family. The children who survived, (5 out of 7), were all females who married within the pinnacle of the highest Spanish Nobility of the time.

He married again in 1672, aged 47, 19 years old Ana Antonia Francisca, (Milán, 14 April 1653 - Madrid, 4 December 1707, aged 50), 4th Marchioness of Caracena, a daughter of Luis de Benavides Carrillo, Marquis of Caracena, 6th marquis of Frómista, Governor of the Duchy of Milan, Governor of the Habsburg Netherlands. Her mother was Catalina Ponce de León, third daughter of Rodrigo Ponce de León, 4th Duke of Arcos and of María Francica Córdoba de Aragón, a daughter of the 5th Dukes of Segorbe.

Ana Antonia Francisca, would be the inheritor of the nobility titles of her parents, presumably by the non existence of/or earlier death of her legitimate male brothers. She held also the title of Marshal of Castile by herself.

From this second wife (4 children:2 males + 2 females), came the two next successors to the Duchy,


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Government offices
Preceded by
Vicente de Gonzaga y Doria
Viceroy of Catalonia
Succeeded by
Francisco Fernández de Córdoba, Duke of Sessa
Preceded by
Paolo Spinola, 3rd Marquis of the Balbases, 2nd term
of the Duchy of Milan

Succeeded by
The Prince
of Ligne
Spanish nobility
Preceded by
Juan Téllez-Girón
Duke of Osuna
Succeeded by
Francisco Téllez-Girón