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Gaspar "Gapi" Vega is a Belizean politician. He is a former Deputy Prime Minister of Belize. He held the office as Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment in Belize (2008-2012).[1] Currently he is the Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture.

He is also the area representative for the Orange Walk North Constituency. Vega is originally from San Estevan Village, Orange Walk District. As a child, Gapi, as he is affectionately known by family and friends, got his first introduction to work on the family farm. Later, he attended and graduated from Muffles College in Orange Walk Town. After spending much of his adult career working in the insurance business, in 1988, Gasper founded Vega’s Imports Ltd. – a merchandising import-distribution company. After years of hard work and keen market analysis, Vega’s Imports Ltd evolved into a well established and very successful family business.

Gasper entered the political arena in 2006. In 2008 he was elected to represent and serve the people of the Orange Walk North constituency.


In March of 2016, Vega announced he would stand down immediately from the post of deputy party leader of the UDP and would not run for another term.


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