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Gaspard Théodore Mollien (29 August 1796, Paris – 28 June 1872, Nice) was a French diplomat and explorer.

In July 1816, as a passenger aboard the Medusa en route to Saint-Louis, Senegal, he became shipwrecked to the south of Cap Blanc. He survived the ordeal, and eventually made his way to Gorée Island, where he worked as a hospital manager.[1][2]

In 1817 he explored Cap-Vert (Senegal) and traveled the Senegal River. During the following year he was tasked by the colonial governor to recognize the sources of the Senegal and Gambia rivers. In 1819 he was awarded the Cross of the Legion of Honor for his African exploits.[3]

Chart of Mollien's route in western Africa.

Beginning in 1822 he was stationed in Colombia, then in Haiti, where in 1828 he was named consul; from 1831 to 1848 he served as consul in Havana, Cuba.[1]


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