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Gasparillo is a town in southern Trinidad. It lies east of Pointe-à-Pierre and northeast of San Fernando. The population is approximately 16,000. The name Gasparillo is applied not only Gasparillo proper, but also the surrounding communities including Bonne Aventure and Whiteland. Trinidadians do not use Spanish sounds when saying Gasparillo. Correct local pronunciation is "gas-PARR-uh-low."

Gasparillo owes much of its size to its proximity to the Petrotrin oil refinery at Pointe-à-Pierre. It also provides the only publicly accessible route from the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway to the town of Marabella and the Manny Ramjohn Stadium, named for Olympian, Scout Leader and long-time Gasparillo resident, Manny Ramjohn.

Gasparillo has recently opened a mall, adding to the growing commerce of the town.

Notable people: (1) Raymond Ramnarine


Coordinates: 10°19′N 61°25′W / 10.317°N 61.417°W / 10.317; -61.417