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Gassnova SF is the Norwegian state enterprise for carbon capture and storage. Gassnova stimulates technology research, development and demonstration and contributes to the realisation of technology in industrial, full-scale pioneer plants. Furthermore, Gassnova provides advice to the authorities in matters relating to carbon capture and storage.


On January 1, 2005, the Government established the company Gassnova to be the publicly funded spearhead in the general investment in developing technology for gas-fired power with CCS. Gassnova and The Research Council of Norway have jointly established the Climit program, which covers the entire innovation chain from research to technology development to pilot and demonstration projects.[1]

Gassnova acts as advisor to the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. Main Efforts include support of research and technology development to ensure access to energy through fossil fuel power without CO2 emissions. A primary focus is to contribute to reduced costs and reduced technological an economical risk through building and operating large-scale facilities for carbon capture and storage.[2]

The objective of Gassnova is to manage Norwegian governmental interests to help cope with the challenge of climate change, within the area of capture, transportation and geological storage of the greenhouse gas CO2 (Carbon dioxide). The Norwegian government established Gassnova to spearhead the mission of shepherding these technologies to market. Bjørn-Erik Haugan is the Managing Director.[3]

CO2 Projects[edit]

  • CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM)
  • Large-scale transport and geological storage of CO2 from Mongstad
  • Full-scale CO2-capture at Mongstad combined heat and power plant


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Other Reading[edit]

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