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Gassulawiya was a Hittite queen of the king Mursili II, ruler of the Hittite Empire (New kingdom) ca. 1321–1295 BC (short chronology).[1]


Gassulawiya is known to have had several children including a daughter named Massanauzzi (referred to as Matanaza in correspondence with Ramesses II) married to Masturi, a ruler of a vassal state and three sons named Muwatalli, Hattusili III and Halpasulupi. Mursili had further children with a second wife named Tanuhepa. Their names have not been recorded however.[2]


Obviously by the end of her life Gassulawiya endured severe illness, as she addressed the goddess Lilwanis with a substitute statue, in order to be relieved from her illness.[3]


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