Gastón de Moncada, 2nd Marquis of Aitona

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Gastón de Moncada y Gralla-Despla, 2nd Marquis of Aitona (1554–1626) was a member of Spanish nobility who was the Viceroy of Sardinia (1590–1595) and the Viceroy of Aragon (1604-1610).

He was one of the 17 children of the 2nd Count of Aitona Francisco de Moncada y Folch de Cardona, 1st Marquis of Aitona. His grandfather was Juan de Moncada y de Tolça, 11th Baronet.

He married Catalina de Moncada y Bou, baronesa de Callosa, and had several children, including :

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