Gasthof Sternen

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Gasthof Sternen
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HeadquartersKlosterstrasse 9,
5430 Wettingen, Aargau canton
Gasthof Sternen

Gasthof Sternen is located in Wettingen Abbey and is the oldest inn in Switzerland. The building stands north of the monastery church and is under the cantonal protection.


The origins of the inn date back to the monastery founding in 1227. In order to give a special visit for the mothers and sisters of the monks, a guest house was built, which was at first called "Weiberhaus". It was outside the monastery walls, since the monastery area was not allowed to be entered by women, but it was connected to the inner monastery gate. [1] In 19th century the building came into the possession of the Aargau canton, but until now the inn is named after the monastery "Maris Stella stars" ("stern" in German means "star").

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