Gaston Glock

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Gaston Glock
Born (1929-07-19) 19 July 1929 (age 87)
Vienna, Austria
Nationality Austrian
Occupation Engineer
Known for Founder of Glock
Spouse(s) Kathrin Glock
Children Brigitte Glock
Gaston Glock, Jr
Robert Glock

Gaston Glock (born 19 July 1929) is an Austrian engineer, and founder of the firearms company Glock.

A book about Gaston Glock's life and his company, titled Glock: The Rise of America's Gun, was published in 2012.


Glock began as a manufacturer of curtain rods and knives for the Austrian military. He had not designed or manufactured a firearm until he was 52 years old. He was already an expert in polymers as a result of his previous business ventures.

In 1980 he bought an injection-moulding machine to manufacture handles and sheaths for the field knives he was making for the Austrian army in his garage workshop. His earliest employees were from the camera industry and were experts in producing polymer components. His first pistol took one year to produce from the design and concept stage to production, and he applied for an Austrian patent in April 1981 for the pistol known as the Glock 17.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Glock has three children with his former wife Helga Glock. In 2011, he divorced and married then 31-year-old Kathrin Tschikof, who was one of his nurses after his stroke in 2008.[2] He suffered a second stroke in 2012.[3]

Glock supports different charities in Austria, having donated over one million euros.[4][5][6]

Murder attempt[edit]

In July 1999, Charles Ewert, a business associate of Glock, hired a French ex-mercenary to murder Glock with a mallet in a garage in Luxembourg in an apparent attempt to cover up embezzlement of millions from the Glock company.[2]

Although Glock's injuries included seven head wounds and the loss of about a litre of blood, Glock was able to fend off the attack by striking the hitman twice. The hired killer, 67-year-old Jacques Pêcheur, was sentenced to 17 years in prison for the attack. Charles Ewert was sentenced to 20 years as a result of Pêcheur's testimony.[7]


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