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Gastonia Transit
Gastonia Transit logo.png
Headquarters Gastonia, North Carolina
Locale Gastonia, North Carolina
Service type Fixed route bus
demand response van
Routes 9
Fleet 7 transit buses
3 demand response vans
Daily ridership over 325,000 per year[1]
Operator City of Gastonia
Chief executive Bob Pulkkinen
Website GT website

The Gastonia Transit System, or GT, is the public transit system in Gastonia, North Carolina, U.S. It operates bus service around the Inner City area of Gastonia.

Hours of Operation[edit]

Gastonia Transit operates between 5:15 AM and ends at 6:00 PM Monday through Friday. It also operates on Saturdays from 8AM to 5PM. Gastonia Transit does not operate on Sunday and the following holidays: Christmas Day, independence Day, Labor Day, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Memorial Day. Gastonia Transit also runs a Saturday Schedule during the following holidays: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Good Friday, Friday after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve.


Gastonia Transit cost $1 for a full fare ticket, $.50 for a half fare, and $2 for Para-transit. Ten route passes are sold for $10 for a full fare, $5 for a half fare, and $20 for a Para-transit.


Gastonia Transit runs 9 routes. Gastonia Transit routes run every 90 min with the exception of the Myrtle, Westfield Mall, and Highland. The Myrtle runs every 45 min. The Westfield route takes an hour to run and runs two different routes with a slight difference. The Highland runs two routes with also a slight difference. All routes begin and end at Bradley Station in Downtown Gastonia. On Saturdays the Myrtle/Highland and Westfield Mall runs every hour, while the South York Linwood and South Marietta runs every two hours.

Arlington 1[edit]

Arlington route serves Isley Industrial Drive, NC Employment Security Commission, Gaston Skills, and West Gastonia Wal-Mart. It runs on the 45 min interval of the 90 min route pattern and starts at 6:45 am and ends at 5:15 pm. Arlington runs only on weekdays.

Myrtle 2[edit]

Myrtle route serves the Webb Street School, Dixie Village, the NC DMV, West Gastonia Wal-Mart, YMCA. Myrtle runs every 45 min. On Saturdays the Myrtle and Highland Merges with parts of the Arlington. These buses run every hour.

Highland 3/3A[edit]

Highland is a split route. Highland serves the Rankin Lake Industrial area, the Highland School of Technology, Erwin Center, Highland Hills apartments, Radio Street Apartments, Department of Social Services and The Gaston County Courthouse. The Highland 3 runs on the 45 min interval and the Highland 3A runs on the 90 min Interval.

South York/Linwood 4[edit]

South York Linwood serves the Health Department, Phillips Center, Linwood Tarrance Apartments, Ashley Arms Apartments, and YMCA. The South York runs on the 90 min interval. On Saturdays this bus runs on every even hour.

Hospital 5[edit]

The hospital serves Gaston Memorial Hospital, Tru Behavioral Health Court Drive office, Remount Road hotel complex, Cox road area, and Summit Crossing. The hospital route runs on the 90 min interval.

Westfield 7/7A[edit]

The Westfield Mall route serves Westfield Eastridge, Gaston Mall, Akers Center, and Franklin Square shopping center, including the East Gastonia Wal-Mart. The 7A also serves Schiele Museum of Natural History, Gaston County Public Library, Lineberger Park. The Westfield bus runs every 30 min with 7 on the bottom of the hour and 7A at the top of the hour.

Marietta 8[edit]

The Marietta route serves the Health Department, Wix, Village Square Apartments, Municipal Golf Course, Aldi, Time Warner Cable, Salvation Army, and Food Lion. The Marietta runs on the 45 min of the 90 min interval and on Saturdays runs on the odd hour. On Saturdays the Marietta also serves Martha Rivers Park.


If a person qualifies for para-transit the van will come and pick up the person. This is a curb-to-curb basis and has the same service area trips with a 24 hour advance notice. To ride the para-transit one would need to pass an application process that determines the person's need.


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