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Gat or GAT may refer to:


  • Gat, Iran, a village in Khuzestan Province, Iran
  • Gat, Israel, a kibbutz in modern Israel
  • Gat Rimon, a moshav in central Israel
  • Gát utca, a short quiet street off Haller utca in central Ferencváros, Budapest, Hungary
  • Gath (city), also known as Gat, an ancient Philistine city mentioned in the Bible
  • Fisherman’s Gat, a channel in the Thames Estuary
  • Kiryat Gat, a city in modern Israel
  • Veerse Gat, a sea channel between Walcheren and Noord-Beveland islands in Zeeland in the Netherlands
  • Hat, Azerbaijan, also known as Gat, a village under the control of the breakaway Republic of Artsakh
  • Gat, Croatia, a village near Belišće



Other uses[edit]

  • Gat (hat), a traditional article of Korean clothing composed of a cylindrical black hat with wide rims
  • Gat (landform), a deep, narrow water channel scoured by currents flowing back and forth
  • Gat (music), a composition set to a cyclic rhythm in instrumental North Indian classical music
  • Gat (title), an honorary title from the Philippines
  • Kenati language
  • Khat, also known as gat, a plant that is chewed as a natural stimulant in the Near East and Africa
  • Gat air pistol, a British air pistol produced from the 1930s to 1990s
  • Gat, a slang term for a handgun

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