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Korean name
Revised Romanizationgat

A gat is a type of Korean traditional hat worn by men along with hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) during the Joseon period. It is made from horsehair with a bamboo frame and is partly transparent in black color.

Most gat are cylindrical in shape with a wide brim on a bamboo frame. Only noble class men during the late 19th century could wear gat, which represented their social status and protected their topknots (Korean상투; RRsangtu).

Under the Joseon, black gat (Korean흑립; Hanja黑笠; RRheungnip) were restricted to men who had passed the gwageo examination. Commoners wore a variant called paeraengi (패랭이) which was woven from split bamboo.[1]

Artisans who make gat are called ganniljang (갓일장) in Korean, from gannil (갓일 "hatmaking, millinery") + jang (Korean; Hanja "artisan, craftsman, master of a craft").

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