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GatesAir is a company wholly owned by the Gores Group which manufactures, markets and services broadcast equipment globally.


GatesAir traces its origins to 1922 when the Gates Radio Company was founded by Parker Gates, with the help of his parents, in Quincy, Illinois.[1] The company was sold in 1957 to Harris Intertype Corporation (now Harris Corporation).[2] The Gates brand was initially retained. In celebrating Gates' 50th anniversary in 1972, it was announced that the company was expanding to add television broadcast equipment with the acquisition of General Electric's TV equipment line that year.[3] The company's name was changed to Harris in 1975.[4] Harris Corporation sold its broadcast equipment operations to the Gores Group in 2012 with the sale completed in 2013.[5] In March 2014, Harris Broadcast was split into two companies, Imagine Communications Corp. which is the Internet software and networking company and GatesAir which is the broadcast equipment company. The GatesAir name restores the company's historic name.[6]


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