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Gateway often refers to:

  • A gate or portal
  • A portal, in science fiction and fantasy, a magical or technological doorway that connects two locations, worlds, or points in time

Gateway or The Gateway may also refer to:

User interfaces[edit]

  • Gateway (web page), a web page designed to attract visitors and search engines to a particular website

Computing and telecommunication devices[edit]

  • Default gateway, the node in a computer network that passes traffic from a local network to other networks or the Internet (router)
  • Gateway (computer program), a link between two computer programs allowing them to share information and bypass certain protocols on a host computer
  • Gateway (telecommunications), a network node equipped for interfacing with another network that uses different communication protocols
  • Residential gateway, a home networking device that connects a local computer or network to the Internet (router)
  • TV gateway, a home television to network UPnP TV router, receiving DVB broadcast live TV and steaming it over IP network







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