Gateway Cup

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Gateway Cup
Local name Gateway Cup
Region St. Louis, Missouri
Date Labor Day Weekend
Type Criterium Stage Race
General Directors Tim Ranek, Mike Weiss, Chris Clausen, and Amy Strahan
First edition 1985 Gateway Cup
Number of editions 23 (as of 2008 Gateway Cup)
Last winner United States Dan Schmatz

The Gateway Cup is a 4-day, criterium cycling race held in St. Louis, Missouri over Labor Day weekend. There are five races each day based on ability, ranging from novices (Category 5 cyclists) to professionals (Category 1 cyclists). There are over $25,000 in prize money awarded over the 4 day race.

The criterium race itself is on an approximately 1-mile closed course within 4-distinct St. Louis Neighborhoods. The race duration varies from 30 minutes to 75 minutes. This American style of racing appeals to both athletes and spectators alike as the peloton, or pack of cyclists, pass by every few minutes at impressive speeds holding lines only inches apart from one another. Spectators can watch the race develop lap after lap and hear commentators announce race strategy, allowing more of an understanding and involvement in the excitement.

Famous Racers/Racing Teams to attend the Gateway Cup

Racers Dan Schmatz, Henk Vogels

Teams 7/up cycling team, Toyota United