Gathered Around the Oaken Table

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Gathered Around the Oaken Table
Mithotyn-Gathered Around The Oaken Table-Original.jpg
Studio album by Mithotyn
Released July 1999
Recorded 1999
Genre Viking metal, black metal, folk metal
Length 55:09
Label Invasion
Mithotyn chronology
King of the Distant Forest
(1998)King of the Distant Forest1998
Gathered Around the Oaken Table

Gathered Around the Oaken Table is the third and final studio album by the Swedish Viking metal band Mithotyn. First issued in 1999 on Invasion Records and Soundholic in Japan, this featured a cover image of a group sitting around an oaken table. The Japanese version contains one bonus track ("Bland vargars yl" - a re-recorded version from the band's 1996 promo demo). The re-releases through Karmageddon Media (Europe) and Hammerheart America featured different artwork.

This would be the band's last release before members Stefan Weinerhall and Karsten Larsson dissolved the band and formed Falconer'.

Gathered Around the Oaken Table album covers[edit]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Lord of Ironhand" 05:10
2. "Watchmen of the Wild" 05:16
3. "In the Clash of Arms" 06:39
4. "Hearts of Stone" 04:55
5. "The Well of Mimir" 04:38
6. "Chariot of Power" 05:55
7. "Nocturnal Riders" 03:06
8. "The Guardian" 04:40
9. "Imprisoned" 04:33
10. "Guided by History" 06:32
11. "The Old Rover" 03:45
12. "Bland vargars yl" (Japanese edition bonus track) 05:15
Total length: 60:24
  • The song "The Guardian" is a re-recording of an old song from the band's Promo '96 cassette.


  • Stefan Weinerhall - guitars, lead vocals
  • Karl Beckmann - guitars, keyboards, vocals (choirs), lead vocals on "The Guardian" and "The Old Rover"
  • Karsten Larsson - drums, vocals (choirs)
  • Rickard Martinsson - bass, vocals

Additional personnel and staff[edit]

  • Grat Johan - acoustic guitar
  • Åsa Lindholm - photography
  • Eric Philippe - cover art
  • Staffan Olofsson - mastering
  • Samir Donnas - engineering assistant
  • Berno Paulsson - engineering, mixing
  • Ronny Karlsson - photography