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The Gatineau Municipal Council (in French: Le conseil municipal de Gatineau) is the governing body for the mayor–council government in the city of Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. It is composed of 17 city councillors and the mayor. The mayor is elected at large, while each of the councillors represent wards throughout the city. Council members are elected to four year terms with the last election being the 2005 election.

Members (2013-2017)[edit]

See Gatineau municipal election, 2013
Name Party District
  Pedneaud-Jobin, MaximeMaxime Pedneaud-Jobin Action Gatineau Mayor
     Lacasse, JoséeJosée Lacasse Independent Aylmer (1)
     Duggan, MikeMike Duggan Independent Lucerne (2)
  Bégin, Richard M.Richard M. Bégin Action Gatineau Deschênes (3)
     Tremblay, MaximeMaxime Tremblay Independent Plateau (4)
     Blondin, JocelynJocelyn Blondin Independent Manoir-des-Trembles-Val-Tétreau (5)
  Apollon, MireilleMireille Apollon Action Gatineau Orée-du-Parc (6)
     Boudrias, LouiseLouise Boudrias Independent Parc-de-la-Montagne-Saint-Raymond (7)
     Laferrière, DeniseDenise Laferrière Independent Hull-Wright (8)
     Tessier, CédricCédric Tessier Independent Limbour (9)
     Tassé, DenisDenis Tassé Independent Touraine (10)
  Nadeau, MyriamMyriam Nadeau Action Gatineau Pointe-Gatineau (11)
     Carpentier, GillesGilles Carpentier Independent Carrefour-de-l'Hôpital (12)
     Champagne, DanielDaniel Champagne Independent Versant (13)
     Goneau, SylvieSylvie Goneau Independent Bellevue (14)
     Lauzon, StéphaneStéphane Lauzon Independent Lac-Beauchamp (15)
     Bourgeau, ÉricÉric Bourgeau Independent Rivière-Blanche (16)
     Carrière, MarcMarc Carrière Independent Masson-Angers (17)
  Lajeunesse, MartinMartin Lajeunesse Action Gatineau Buckingham (18)

Members (2009-2013)[edit]

See: Gatineau municipal election, 2009

Members (2005-2009)[edit]

Former members[edit]

  • Yves Ducharme, Mayor, (2001–2005), defeated in last election
  • André Levac - District 1, District of Aylmer (2001–2005), defeated in last elections
  • Alain Labonté - District 2, District of Lucerne (2001–2005), did not run in 2005
  • André Touchet - District 3, District of Deschênes (2001–2003), deceased in 2003
  • Richard Jennings - District 3, District of Deschênes (2003–2005), did not run in 2005
  • Lawrence Cannon - District 4, District of Val-Tétreau (2001–2005), run successfully in federal election in 2006
  • Thérèse Cyr - District 10, District of Riverains (2001–2005), retired - did not run in 2005
  • Paul Morin - District 11, District of Promenades (2001–2005), defeated in last election

Members (1999-2001)[edit]

(Pre-amalgamated city of Gatineau)

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