Gato negro dragón rojo

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Gato negro◆dragón rojo
Gato negro-dragón rojo.png
Studio album by
Released27 May 2008
RecordedReal World Studios, New York City[1]
Close to the Edge Mastering[2]
GenreRock/folk rock
LabelVirgin Records
EMI Music
ProducerCameron Jenkins
Amaral chronology
Pájaros en la cabeza
Gato negro◆dragón rojo
Hacia lo salvaje
Alternative cover
Special "Librodisco" version
Special "Librodisco" version

Gato negro dragón rojo (English: Black cat-red dragon, also stylised as: Gato negro◆dragón rojo) is the fifth studio album by the Spanish folk rock group Amaral. It was released in Spain during 2008.[3] Recording and album mastering was completed on 25 April 2008.[2]


The album's physical release will have four different editions:[3]

  • The standard 2-disc album.
  • The 2-disc album, with an extended 40-page booklet.
  • Limited edition boxset with the 40-page booklet version, and additional extras.
  • USB memory key, with the 19 songs, PDF booklet and extras.

On 24 May, it was announced that the album would also be available to pre-order for download on the release date, at This version priced, at €7.95, would include the songs in MP3, a PDF booklet among others.[4]

Track list[edit]

On 8 May 2008, the track list was officially announced. Also announced was that the first disc is to be referred to as "Gato negro" and the second as "Dragón rojo".:[5]

Gato negro (CD1)[edit]

  1. Kamikaze — #1 (SP)
  2. Tarde de domingo rara - Strange Sunday afternoon#5 (SP)
  3. La barrera del sonido - The sound barrier
  4. Las chicas de mi barrio - The girls in my neighbourhood
  5. Esta noche - Tonight
  6. Las puertas del infierno - The gates of hell
  7. Biarritz
  8. Gato negro - Black cat
  9. Rock & Roll

Dragón rojo (CD2)[edit]

  1. Perdóname - Forgive me#4 (SP)
  2. Alerta - Alert
  3. El blues de la generación perdida - The lost generation's blues
  4. De carne y hueso - Flesh and blood (literally: Of flesh and bone)
  5. Dragón rojo - Red dragon
  6. Es sólo una canción - It's only a song
  7. El artista del alambre - The wire artist
  8. Deprisa - Quickly
  9. Doce palabras - Twelve words
  10. Concorde

iTunes edition[edit]

  1. El artista del alambre (acústica)[6]


The song El Artista del Alambre was inspired by the film Fuera de Carta and was featured in the soundtrack to the film.[7]


Chart Peak
Spanish Albums Chart 1
World Albums Chart[8] 30


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