Gator Panic

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Gator Panic
Gator Panic logo (Japan).png
Developer(s) Namco
Publisher(s) Namco
Platform(s) Arcade
Release February 1, 1988
Mode(s) Single player

Gator Panic, also known as Wacky Gator or Wani Wani Panic(ワニワニパニック) is a redemption arcade game released in 1988 by Namco. The game plays very much like Whack-a-Mole, but features alligators coming out of the cabinet instead of moles. The game was named Wacky Gator for North America and featured a different cabinet design.


A digital remake was made in 2006 for Point Blank DS on the Nintendo DS, and retains the original design from the Japanese release. The game was digitally remade again in 2007 for Namco Museum Remix under the name Gator Panic Remix. This version has the player swing Pac-Man at the alligators by using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck; it was included again in Namco Museum Megamix which was released in 2010. An iOS version of Gator Panic was also released in 2010, but has been removed from the app store on March 30, 2015. All digital versions of the game retain the title Gator Panic in regions outside Japan.


The game has had several sequels and revisions since the original's release:[1]

  • Kani Kani Panic (1991) - Similar title that uses crabs instead of alligators
  • Same Same Panic - (1994) - Revised version featuring sharks instead of alligators
  • Wani Wani Panic 2 - (1995)
  • CR Wani Wani Panic - (2000) - Pachinko game.
  • Wani Wani Panic RT - (2003)
  • Wani Wani Panic 3 (2008)


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