Gattonvale Offstream Storage

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Gattonvale Offstream Storage
Location 23km southeast of Collinsville, Queensland
Coordinates 20°45′S 147°56′E / 20.75°S 147.94°E / -20.75; 147.94Coordinates: 20°45′S 147°56′E / 20.75°S 147.94°E / -20.75; 147.94
Type reservoir
Basin countries Australia
Water volume 8 gigalitres (280,000,000 cu ft)

Gattonvale Offstream Storage is a water storage reservoir located 23 km southeast of Collinsville, Central Queensland. It is intended to improve reliability of water supply to the Collinsville Power Station and further enhance reliability of power supply to North Queensland. The storage will be filled by pumping water from the Bowen River Weir during high flows in the river system during the wet season.

Stage 1 - 2,500 megalitres (88×10^6 cu ft) capacity to be completed before Christmas 2004;

Stage 2 - 5,000 megalitres (180×10^6 cu ft) capacity completed by 31 March 2005;

Stage 3 - 8,000 megalitres (280×10^6 cu ft) (minimum) ML capacity completed by 31 May 2005.