Gau March of Brandenburg

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Gau Mark Brandenburg
Gau of Nazi Germany


Flag Coat of arms
Flag Coat of arms
Location of Gau Mark Brandenburg
Map of Nazi Germany showing its administrative
subdivisions (Gaue and Reichsgaue).
Capital Frankfurt an der Oder
 •  1933–1936 Wilhelm Kube
 •  1936–1945 Emil Sturtz
 •  Establishment 30 January 1933
 •  Disestablishment 8 May 1945

The Gau Mark Brandenburg was formed in 1933 initially under the name Gau Kurmark in Nazi Germany initially as a district within the Free State of Prussia. In 1935, Germany's constituent states were dissolved and the gaus replaced the states and their responsibilities. In 1940, Kurmark was renamed Mark Brandenburg. The gau was dissolved in 1945, following Allied Soviet occupation of the area and Germany's formal surrender in 1945. After the war, the territory of the former gau became part of the state of Brandenburg in East Germany except one of beyond Oder-Neisse line, which was given to People's Republic of Poland. Most territories of it are divided between Germany's State of Brandenburg and Poland's Lubusz Voivodeship now.