Gauche (Scheme implementation)

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Developer(s)Shiro Kawai
Initial release11 January 2001; 22 years ago (2001-01-11)
Stable release
0.9.13 / October 12, 2023; 43 days ago (2023-10-12)
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeProgramming language
LicenseBSD License

Gauche is an R7RS Scheme implementation. It is designed for scripting in a production environment. It is intended to allow programmers and system administrators to write scripts in support of daily operations. Quick startup, built-in system interface, native multilingual support are some of its key design goals.

Gauche is free software under the BSD License. It is primarily developed by Shiro Kawai.


  • Quick startup - Gauche includes common features in its executable, while less common functions are in libraries which are loaded on demand.
  • Module system - A simple module system, API compatible to STklos.
  • Object system - CLOS-like object system with metaobject protocol. Almost API compatible to STklos. It is also similar to Guile's object system.
  • Native multilingual support - Strings are represented by multibyte string internally. You can use UTF-8, EUC-JP, Shift-JIS or no multibyte encoding. Conversion between native coding system and external coding system is supported by port objects.
  • Multibyte regexp - Regular expression matcher is aware of multibyte string; you can use multibyte characters both in patterns and matched strings.
  • Built-in system interface - Gauche has built-in support for most POSIX.1 system calls.
  • Network interface - Has API for socket-based network interface, including IPv6 if the OS supports it.
  • Multithreading - Multithreading is supported on top of pthreads. Scheme-level API conforms to SRFI-18.
  • DBM interface - Interfaces to dbm, ndbm and/or gdbm.
  • XML parsing - Oleg Kiselyov's SXML tools are included.


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