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Gaunt may refer to:


  • Ghent, Belgium was formerly called Gaunt

People with the name Gaunt[edit]

  • Elizabeth Gaunt (d. 1685), convicted traitor
  • Ernest Gaunt (1865–1940), British admiral, born in Australia
  • Guy Gaunt (1870–1953), British admiral, brother of Ernest
  • John of Gaunt (1340–1399), English prince
  • Jon Gaunt (born 1961), British radio presenter and newspaper columnist, late 20th and early 21st century
  • Maurice de Gaunt (fl. 1225), founder of Beverston Castle
  • Nathan Gaunt (living), an Australian singer-songwriter
  • Thomas Gaunt (1829–1890), jeweller and clockmaker of Melbourne, Australia

Fictional characters[edit]