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Gaur Bazaar/Gaur Nagarpalika
Gaur is located in Nepal
Location in Nepal
Coordinates: 26°46′N 85°16′E / 26.767°N 85.267°E / 26.767; 85.267Coordinates: 26°46′N 85°16′E / 26.767°N 85.267°E / 26.767; 85.267
Country   Nepal
ProvinceProvince No. 2
ZoneNarayani Zone
DistrictRautahat District
Municipality establishment2049 B.S.
 • TypeMayor-Council government
 • Mayor / vice mayorAjay Gupta / Kiran Thakur
 • Total31.91 km2 (12.32 sq mi)
79 m (260 ft)
 • Total34,937[1]
 • Ethnic Groups
Bhumihar, Chhetri, Brahman, Marwari, Maithili, Tharu, Koche, Rajbanshi, Rajput
 • Religions
Hinduism, Islam, Kirant, Buddhism,
Time zoneUTC+5:45 (NST)
Postal code
Area code(s)055
Main languageNepali, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Bajjika

Gaur is a municipality and headquarters of Rautahat district of Narayani zone, Nepal. It lies at the border of Nepal that links India via Bairgania and has a customs checkpoint.

The former Prime Minister of Nepal Madhav Kumar Nepal is a resident.[2]


Aerial view of Terai plains near Gaur, Nepal

Gaur lies in plain of Terai region of Nepal.The land, here is fertile and humus containing.


Climate Zone[3] Elevation Range % of Area
Lower Tropical below 300 meters (1,000 ft) 94.4%
Upper Tropical 300 to 1,000 meters
1,000 to 3,300 ft.
Nepal topography. The green/yellow zones hold the Inner Terai valleys.

The Gaur has a humid, tropical climate. The mean annual rainfall at the Gaur was 2,214 mm (87.2 in) between 1995 and 2006. More than 80% of the total annual rainfall occurs during the monsoon season from June to September. Average temperatures ranged from 8.08 °C (46.54 °F) in January to 34.91 °C (94.84 °F) in June.[4]

In the past, the inner and outer Terai were a formidable barrier between Nepal and potential invaders from India because marshes and forests were infested by anopheline mosquitos that transmitted virulent strains of malaria, especially during the hot spring and rainy summer monsoon.

Gaur, 26°N, 85°E
Climate chart (explanation)
Average max. and min. temperatures in °C
Precipitation totals in mm
Source: Levoyageur

There are several differences between the climate on the eastern edge of the Terai at Biratnagar in Nepal and on the western edge of the Terai at Nepaljung in Nepal to that of Gaur in Nepal although they lies in same plain of Terai.

  • Moving inland and away from monsoon sources in the Bay of Bengal, the climate becomes more continental with a greater difference between summer and winter.
  • In the far western Terai, which is five degrees latitude further north, the coldest months' average is 3 °C (37 °F) cooler.
  • Total rainfall markedly diminishes from east to west. The monsoon arrives later, is much less intense and ends sooner. However, winters are wetter in the in Nepal near the central edge although both lies in Terai.
  • Moving inland and away from monsoon sources in the Bay of Bengal, the climate becomes more continental with a greater difference between summer and winter.
  • In the far western Terai, which is five degrees latitude further north, the coldest months' average is 3 °C (37 °F) cooler.
  • Total rainfall markedly diminishes from east to west. The monsoon arrives later, is much less intense and ends sooner. However, winters are wetter in the west.


Shree Juddha Campus[edit]

The origin of this campus goes back to its former "Shree Juddha Higher Secondary School" and further "Shree Juddha Secondary School", the third-oldest school in Nepal inaugurated by Juddha Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana during Rana dynasty. The school got its name from his name. The institution has about 1500 students.

Shree Juddha Campus,Gaur

Shree Juddha Campus offers bachelor courses like Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, etc. while its former entities "Shree Juddha Higher Secondary School" offers 10+2 courses of Higher Secondary Education Board and "Shree Juddha Secondary School" offers up to 10th class of School Leaving Certificate (Nepal).

It runs a separate school for blind students.

Gauri Shankar Yadav Campus[edit]

It offers bachelor courses like B.Ed. and 10+2 courses of Higher Secondary Education Board.

Maharshi Valmiki Campus[edit]

it offers bacholar courses like B.Ed. and 10+2 courses of Higher Secondary Education Board.

There are some other schools in the town which offer education up to 10th class and they have English medium of teaching. Some notable ones are:

  • Shree Mid Regional Police Boarding Higher Secondary School
  • Prabhat Secondary English Boarding School
  • Loreto Secondary English Boarding School
  • Shree N.B.H.S. School Mudawalwa Gaur Nepal
  • Lumbini English Boarding School
  • Janak English Boarding school
  • Satya Sishu Niketan
  • G. Star Academy
  • International Bal Academy
  • G.N.S. English Boarding School
  • Krishna Mercy English Boarding School
  • Munali Chid Academy
  • Mitra Memorial Secondary English Boarding School
  • Gurukul English Boarding school
  • Discovery Public School
  • New Hope Academy


Another view of the highway

Gaur-Chandranigahpur Highway, Birendra Highway starts there and joins to East-West Highway in Chandrapur which connects Gaur to all major cities of Nepal.

The transport facility is reliable. There are more than 15 buses directly for capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, including 5 Volvo. One can also get direct bus for other major cities like Birgunj, Janakpurdham, Pokhara, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj, Bharatpur, etc.

The nearest domestic airport, Simara Airport, is in Simra while nearest International airport, Nijgadh International Airport is under construction in Nijgadh.[5] Currently passengers use Tribhuvan International Airport located in capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, for International flight. The nearest indian domestic airport is Jai Prakash Narayan airport at Patna, which is about 177 KM from Gaur.

As it is a border of Nepal that links India via Bairgania, one can reach to all major cities of India using Indian Railways available at Bairgania. Bairgania railway station is about 3 km from Gaur and several local transport like Tanga, Rickshaw, etc. are available from here.


Nepal Telecom and Ncell have network coverage. Ncell has a 3G network for a long time there but now Nepal Telecom also has a 3G network. Other cellular network available are UTL Nepal, Smart Cell. Indian network providers such as BSNL and MTS's network is available too. ISPs like Worldlink, UTL Nepal and Nepal Telecom is available.


Gaur has some Community radio stations to promote local culture.

  • Radio Rajdevi F.M.- 93.2 MHz
  • Radio Border – 94.2 MHz
  • Radio Sanskriti – 98.2 MHz
  • Rautahat FM – 90.8 MHz.
  • Kohinoor FM – 87.7 MHZ


Shanta Chalchitra Bhawan is the only cinema hall in the town.


The most popular sports in Gaur is Cricket.The youths are mainly playing this game for far years.Many players from this place has been participating in different formats of cricket.

Play Grounds[edit]

There are many play grounds in city but mainly two of them are popular and most suitable grounds for the playing purpose.

1. Rice Mill Cricket Ground[edit]

It is the biggest ground in the city and famous for cricket game.It has boundary of about 60-65 meters long.It hosts many tournaments from school level to district level.It is situated near Municipality Office.

2. Barrack Field[edit]

It is small in size compare to Rice Mill Cricket Ground.It is mainly famous for football.It is situated next to police station.

Mayor Cup 2075[edit]

This is Second Edition of Mayor Cup schedule to take place in 2075.All the matches take place in Rice mill Cricket Ground.

Teams and Qualifications[edit]

The following teams has taken part in this competition started from Poush 28,2075 B. S. to Magh 07,2075 B. S.

Team Qualifications
Gaur Ward no. 1 Automatic qualification due to good Run Rate in Group stage match
Gaur Ward no. 2
Gaur Ward no.3
Gaur Ward no.4
Gaur Ward no.5
Gaur Ward no.7
Gaur Ward no.8
Gaur Ward no.9
Gaur Ward no. 6 Relegated due to low Run Rate in Group stage match
  •      advanced to Qualifier
  •      Relegated
  • Note:- This section is edited by PãPü Shâh


Magh, 7
Gaur Ward no.1
198/5 (20.0 overs)
Gaur Ward no.5
121/10 (19.0 overs)
Karan shah (94)

Bikram Kushwaha(3wickets)
Gaur Ward no. 1won by 72 runs.
Rice Mill Cricket Ground,Gaur,Nepal
  • Gaur Ward no.1won the toss and elected to bat.


Barahwa Pool[edit]

This a concrete bridge over a canal now. Bagmati River used to flow at this place. Earlier wooden bridge was here that bridge held the record of longest wooden bridge of Nepal. Chhath puja of Mudawalwa Village and this place is very famous. Recently, Boating facilities has also been added.

Shiv Mandir and RajDevi Mandir[edit]

This is a temple of Lord Shiva made up by Bidhyapatinagar Community. Next to the temple is a pond which has a bridged temple of Sun in the center. Another temple is Rajdevi Temple which is located three km distance in the east from the city. It is one of the ancient temples of the Rautahat district. It Was Built During Malla's Period and it is about 400 years old.

Suspension Bridge[edit]

It is suspension bridge inaugurated by then Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai. This place developed as a new tourist place among locals for picnics and day-outs.

Suspension Bridge

Gaur Park[edit]

It is undergoing on construction park in Gaur.It is situated just next to the Municipality Office near Gaur Cricket Ground.

Border sharing with India[edit]

Gaur has its importance because of its border sharing with Bairgania, India also. No documents are required to cross the border. Certain restrictions are enforced on many edible and electronics products and they are properly checked before allowing them to cross.[6]

Thanks for visiting Nepal

There is a custom office which keeps a check on the vehicles entering Gaur having Indian vehicle registration number. Certain taxes are imposed by the office on heavy products/items entering Nepal.


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