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Gaurav Dhillon is the chairman and CEO of SnapLogic, an enterprise application and data integration software development company that helps organizations connect business applications and Web services. An early investor in SnapLogic, Gaurav joined as CEO in 2009.[1]

Gaurav is also the chairman and founder of online movie site Jaman. Based in San Mateo, California, Jaman enables users to download full-length feature films to their computers, using the company's proprietary video player.[2] In May 2007, Gaurav was recognized by Variety Magazine in its Fest Zest 60 List "Faces to watch for the Cannes Film Festivals 60th Anniversary."[3]

Gaurav was the co-founder and former CEO of Informatica, a company whose market cap exceeded a billion dollars, 2006, on the Nasdaq. Forbes magazine said, in 2001, that Informatica “has become Silicon Valley’s latest darling; the phrase “the next Microsoft” has been also used by Forbes magazine.[4] Over 12 years, Gaurav led Informatica from a startup idea to a global, public software company – ultimately forging a broad acceptance of the vision he pioneered.[5]

Prior to Informatica, Gaurav held management and engineering positions at Sterling Software and Unisys Corp. At Unisys, he became one of the youngest system architects in the company's history.[6]

He is a graduate in Electrical Engineering from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh.

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