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Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777–1855) is the eponym of all of the topics listed below. There are over 100 topics all named after this German mathematician and scientist, all in the fields of mathematics, physics, and astronomy.

Topics including "Gauss"[edit]

The Gaussberg in Brunswick, Germany with the Gauss memorial in front

Topics including "Gaussian"[edit]

Other notable achievements of Gauss[edit]

Gauss's proofs[edit]

Proofs for conjectured theorems

proofs for theorems he discovered himself:

  • Discovered and proved the theorema egregium
  • Gauss's pentagramma mirificum.
  • Gauss stated and proved the fundamental theorem of normal axonometry.
  • Gauss developed an algorithm for determining the date of Easter.
  • Gauss invented the Cooley–Tukey FFT algorithm for calculate discrete Fourier transforms 160 years before them.
  • Gauss discovered Dirichlet's class number formula, a profound result which paved the way for many later deep results.
  • Gauss was an early pioneer in topology and knot theory, discovering many early results.

Gauss's identities[edit]

Gauss conjectures[edit]