Gavar Special School

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Gavar Special School
Gavar, Gegharkunik Province
Founded 1975
Specialist Special school
Director Lavrik Arevshatyan

Gavar Special School is a special needs school founded in 1976 in the Gegharkunik region of the Republic of Armenia. Children with mental and physical handicaps are educated there.

Mr. Lavrik Arevshatyan became director of the school on 1 September 2004.

The population of children in the Gegharkunik region that can attend the school is estimated to be more than 650 but due to the absence of information and the difficulty of life in the region, many children that should attend the school never learn about it.

The school website is the primary online source for information about the school. Mr. Arevshatyan, the school's staff and volunteers welcome any visitor that wishes to see the school and partner with it to improve the future of handicapped children in the Gegharkunik region of Armenia.


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