Gavarnie Falls

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Gavarnie Falls
Gavarnie Falls.JPG
Gavarnie Falls
Gavarnie Falls is located in France
Gavarnie Falls
Location Hautes-Pyrénées (France)
Coordinates 42°41′36″N 0°00′16″W / 42.69333°N 0.00444°W / 42.69333; -0.00444Coordinates: 42°41′36″N 0°00′16″W / 42.69333°N 0.00444°W / 42.69333; -0.00444
Elevation ~ 2 200 m
Total height 422 m
Number of drops 2
Longest drop 281 m
Total width 15 m
Watercourse Gave de Pau

The Gavarnie Falls (French: Grande Cascade de Gavarnie) is a tiered waterfall in France. With its overall drop of 422 metres, it is the highest waterfall in mainland France.[1] The falls are situated in the Cirque de Gavarnie, near the village Gavarnie in the Hautes-Pyrénées.

The waterfall is the beginning of the Gave de Pau stream. It is fed by a melting snow and a small glacier, located in Spain. This water seeps underground until it appears at the upper rim of waterfall. The average annual flow in the waterfall is 3 m3/s. In summer, when the snowmelt is most intense, it can reach up to 200 m3/s.[2] In winter it sometimes freezes and stops flowing.

The waterfall has 2 - 3 steps; the height of the tallest drop is 281 m.


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